February is LOVE.

Feb 1, 2012 by

Everyone gets a little bit mushy during this month because the consumerists in us dictate that this is supposed to be the month for bleeding in love.

What crap.

This month is not about love. It’s about myiloilo.net‘s first year anniversary. We are changing our looks, we are coming up with more read-worthy blogs; interesting stories about people, places, things and spirits, more nude photos of me, and yes, more funny stuff that borders on insult to unleash.

Entries to the one year anniversary promo of myiloilo.net have been coming in in my inbox and we would like to enjoin you to send your own version too! For promo mechanics (too simple, it’s elementary pffffft), read here: myiloilo.net anniversary gimmick.

Define love.


Photo from: http://honkyponky.multiply.com


Dammit, I need my Starbucks.



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