Exteriores de la Semana

Jun 21, 2011 by

I’ve been loving the weather lately. Cloudy, some gusts of wind from time to time, and low humidity level. It’s the kind of weather that makes people want to wear nice, layered clothes. Add to the weekend’s chill-perfect weather was the series of events that were mostly about people’s lives entering a new chapter. I think it’s a weekend about happiness. Having bought a book by Haruki Murakami entitled After the Earthquake is also divine. And I did not have to go painting the entire city of Cebu red, though Be-an got me dancing at Formo for a while. Thanks to anonymity.

I hosted the wedding of Sherwin and Sweet Malones-Sanchez last Friday at Hotel del Rio. It was a grand wedding, with three senators in tow as part of the principal sponsors. The event was glossy and it pretty much went as planned. I missed the supposedly nice meal, but heck, what’s a host to do? Sen. Legarda rendered a song (day after day, I must face the world of strangers…la la la) after my surprise announcement and thank God no one from her secret service actually shot me dead. Sen Zubiri followed suit with the song Bakit Ngayon ka Lang (complete with blending and the second voicing) but he seemed more prepared. Here are some photos. Don’t you just feel like getting married yourself? Move over, Kate Middleton.

Sherwin and Sweet: Happy Together. (photo by TM Malones)

The ninongs and Sweet's dad, Mayor Malones (on the left. Thanks to Strummz Band and Carol for the photos)

The host and Strummz's vocals, Daphne.

Senator-turned-songbird: Sen Legarda serenading the couple in what seemed to be a surprise (to her)

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  1. daphne

    Thank you Bob! It was indeed the wedding of the year and a night to remember. Congratulations to you too for a superb hosting and of course to the one and only Direk Kevin Piamonte for a wonderful production. Woot! Woot!

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