Expressions of Laugh

Jun 10, 2011 by

  1. I’m sick of tired.
  2. True good to be true.
  3. When it rains, it’s four.
  4. Once in a new moon.
  5. Please don’t make fond of me.
  6. The more you hate, the more you laugh.
  7. Alma Mother.
  8. No holes barred.
  9. Keep your mouth shock!
  10. Ats if?!
  11. It’s just the tip of the icing.
  12. Connect me if I’m wrong.
  13. I hope you don’t mine.
  14. I wanna portrait that role.
  15. Will you please give me alone?!?!

**This is a repost from my old multiply blogsite. It still cracks me up, though.

Here are some really funny photos courtesy of

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