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Mar 18, 2011 by

CMS 137 is Photojournalism. Today, the class opened an exhibit of their works at the UPV Gallery entitled “Banwa Ko, Bugal Ko” (My City, My Pride). It showcases photojournalistic images about urban-living in Iloilo City, and not the really fancy kind. Just the real, the grimy and the visually arresting.

Visit the UPV Art Gallery to see for yourself. Proud of these kids. Truly deserving to be called the pioneer batch of Communication and Media Studies! For the win, guys! Congratulations!

Outside the gallery is the list of artists and their work titles.

Division of Humanities chairman, Prof. Rosela Zaragoza (center) with faculty members Prof Emmeline Cabalum (left) and Prof Babbeth Vargas during the ribbon cutting.

CMS 137 adviser Prof Kevin Piamonte giving his opening remarks

An interesting take on museum centerpiece installation.

Fresh perspectives on an old and charming city.

My personal favorite set.

CMS 137 students with their adviser laying flat on the floor.


  1. Iloilo is beautiful! I was there a couple of months back and I wish I was there for more than one weekend.

    How are you, Bob? :)

    • bobby

      Hey Ryan!!! Thanks for dropping by! I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Same old routine, except that this time I’m a lot busier. LOL. How are you?

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