Epic Silence

Feb 25, 2011 by

Sometimes I do get really busy. And by busy, I mean doing several things at the same time. Like staging a full-length concert, attending to the needs in the house (my siblings and I being abandoned – kidding mom, hahaha, I know you’re working hard for us), finishing a research paper for the Singaporeans, travelling, checking papers that are piling up each day, juggling my social life against my professional life, and watching movies.

ICONOPOP – The full-length dance concert of the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) Hublag Dance Company was staged last February 22, 2011. It was a dance concert that was somehow a tribute to four music icons of our generation: Madonna, Beyonce, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson. I choreographed and directed the show and thank God it was a success. We performed to a full house and will be doing an excerpt of the show on March 13 at Robinsons Place Iloilo for a free public performance. I enjoyed working on this concert, although it was pretty rough at first. All the hardwork paid off when at the curtain call, the audience cheered and applauded for us. We’ll definitely do something like this again soon.

Rehearsing the routine MY HEART WILL GO ON with Alanne Jesl Cobrado and Joem Junsan

An eery shot of the road to the dorm -- this is what I had to endure walking every after rehearsals. Huhuhuhu!

SINAMBA SA REGATTA – an annual festival in Iloilo (yes, we have several festivals and they’re all being celebrated with fanfare) that showcases the seafaring traditions of the Ilonggos. Its highlight is the Paraw Regatta, a sailboat competition that stretches along the Iloilo-Guimaras strait. With just the wind propelling the boats, the competition prides itself with the skill and seafaring talents of the participants (who come not only from Iloilo City but from the neighboring towns in the province). I was honoured to judge the dance competition dubbed as Sinamba sa Regatta (patterned after the mardi gras festivals, only that the music used are based on ilonggo songs and that the performance should have a trace of the Ilonggo seafaring heritage).

One of the competing groups in Sinamba sa Regatta

Skimmers Prom — an annual thing as well and for this year, the theme is Vintage. I don’t know exactly what they meant by it but they kept saying James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. So yeah, that must be it.

Skimmers' Vintage Prom at the Iloilo Grand Hotel

And of course, I cannot neglect my duties as an angry bird. Die you pigs! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite.

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