End ‘Em Vacations

Jun 1, 2011 by

The last stop for this two-week island trodding marathon was Manila. I often make Manila my last time intentionally to meet friends and catch up — on stories of our lives, careers, new gadgets, heartbreaks, alcohol tolerance and rumors.

When in Manila, I love staying at Hotel Durban (formerly Durban Street Inn). The location is perfect, the rates are extremely friendly (for a location such as Durban’s), the stuff are no-frills but good enough for a non-luxury trip.

1. PAGLAUM Friends at SECRET RECIPE, Shang Mall, Ortigas. The get-together was special because I don’t get to see my SSEAYP friends too often. But the food at Secret Recipe is not something really memorable I’d rather we did McDonalds.

My SSEAYP friends at Edsa Shangrila's SECRET RECIPE. Joe, Yana and myself.

My SSEAYP 2005 batchmates: Glenn, Neeko, Joe, Yana, myself, PJ and Theo

2. HB friends at Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu, Jupiter Street, Makati. The food was overflowing, and you can just keep eating and eating and no one’s going to stop you. Buffet shabu-shabu and grilled stuff and Japanese stuff and just about everything for 580 pesos. Drinks included.

HB friends: Dulce and Ana

Shabu-shabu Soup

The Grilled Stuff

3. HUBLAG peeps at UCC Coffee and Chili’s at Greenbelt 5 til sundown. Wonderful get-together!

At Chili's GB 5 with Elaine, TJ and JR

4. CHILL GANG get-together at Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt 3 with my original Boracay crew and my bestfriend, Nico with Luisa, Gee, Jovert, and Isabel. Later on, we were joined in by two of my fab former students, Ethel and Prince. The night ended with revelry. Mayhem.

With Gee, Luisa and Nico

This blog entry is pretty much a personal album, so forgive me if you can’t seem to relate to it entirely. But one thing is for sure. These people are special. That’s why they’re being written about. Til my next Manila visit. Cheers!

I need a really good sleep. All tired and worn out.

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