Doomsday Prepper sampler.

Dec 4, 2012 by

Doomsday Prepper Sampler. The Philippines is smack right on the storm’s path in the next few days.

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The storm is called Typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha — weird name, right?) with sustained winds at 190 kph and gustiness of a bit more than 200 kph. Baby, that’s a strong one coming your way. I am a frustrated weatherman and so things like these fascinate me. I like the idea of keeping track of a typhoon’s progress (here and everywhere else around the world) and learn how it can be such a force of nature so available yet so evasive. Now this storm may just bring some undesirable results we can only imagine based on experience with strong typhoons that devastated us in the past; water surges, landslides, massive flooding, destruction of infrastructure and loss of lives. No one wants this to happen, but we all know this is bound to happen especially if precautions are not taken seriously. So while the dark days envelop the skies and we try our best to stay dry, the million dollar question is what will you do while you are under your roof’s covers as Pablo roars in majestic power outside your window? 1. Expect for power outage. For those who do not have generator sets, think of ways how to creatively arrange your candles in your living room. This is your opportunity to recreate the underground tunnel in The Phantom of the Opera and perhaps get the total effect of being phantom-ish, complete with lightning and thunder. 2. Get your boots ready and rain-proof ensemble. Prepare an emergency handcarry luggage that contains your basic necessities in case evacuation is necessary: underwears, clothes good for 5 days, medicine kit, crackers and bottled water. Make sure the bag is rain-proof as well! 3. Fill it up: Cars in full tank, get some cash that could sustain you for a few days, check your fridge and canned goods and make sure they are the kind that can be eaten without having to be cooked or microwaved. 4. Charge all your cellphones, your ipods, ipads, and all the gadgets you think would get you through the days when there’s nothing much to do. 5. I’m guessing the internet connection would go nasty, so you’re doing yourself a favor if you resign to being ‘disconnected’ at least for 4 days. Spend the days praying for everyone’s safety. I hope and pray that Iloilo City and all the other regions that are expected to be hit would not bear too much destruction and the people be spared from grave danger.  

Image from PAGASA website.


  1. My family has experienced the wrath of Typhoon Frank a few years back. It was one of those times when we were huddled as a family praying that the water will not reach our house’s second floor.

    Good thing we had some extra food.

    It is really a good practice to be prepared during these times.

    • bobby

      Thank God your family was spared form Frank’s fury. We continue to pray that Pablo will not leave us badly hurt.

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