Don’t Rain on my Parade, baby.

Jun 12, 2011 by

It isn’t really a great start for me today. First, I had a series of refusals. I was in SM City at 10 AM and I was going to load 100 bucks worth of Smart phone credits. I went to the loading station across Pizza Hut and when I handed over my 1,000 peso bill, the salesgirl refused to give me my load because she did not have change. I left calmly, hoping that my civility would attract positive energies in the next few minutes. Then I went to another loading station located across BPI. The girl had the same exact issue. I lectured her calmly about their anti-customer disposition to refuse people just because they don’t have change. She was apologetic, but I was assertive and told her to feedback to her supervisors my specific instance. She promised me she would. So I moved on to another loading shop called PHONES and GADGETS. Unfortunately, the salesgirls have terrible personalities. These are the kind of girls you hire because they’re too dumb, therefore they’re the type who would not complain about their meager salaries so they work like nutties. It’s a horrible shop. It is not fit to be in SM. It’s too cheap to be there. I left without making a scene. I thought it was too early to bomb the place with expletives. And all these weird stuff happened in a span of 5 minutes.


I forgot to mention that last week I found out about this person who hate this blogsite of mine. This blogger took a screenshot of my site and changed the text found on the blog to defame me.  My friend Paul sent me the link and, in full glory, I took time reading his sick opinion about my site. He declared that my site is an embarrassment to the Iloilo Blogging Community.

While I am not in the mood to contact him personally and murder his self-esteem, I can’t help but give serious thoughts on why I am an open target to haters. If I get affected easily, I am on the losing side. So my mantra is to sing Barbra. Don’t Rain on My Parade.

Some sad things about my haters are: 1) they’re all aesthetically challenged, 2) they can’t even expose their real identities, 3) they are completely and extremely insignificant and talentless except for choosing hurtful words to lambast people, 4) they have no proper lineage and genealogic relevance, 5) they have no jobs. Thus their time to choose their victims.

God I despise all this celebrity work. Hassle.

bobby rodriguez

While some people are busy lambasting me and my site, I am busy making myself more famous. Like making movies. Haha. HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! (photo courtesy of Patrick Boglosa's film at Int'l Academy of Film and Television)

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  1. rebs

    Was he the same person who called you “something else” in your previous article? I enjoy your blogs and I think lots of other people do. He is the one embarrassing himself by defaming your site. Just a pathetic loser.

  2. bobby

    Thanks Rebs! I’m not sure if it’s the same person. Hehe. But not worth mentioning here because I will just make him famous if I do. hehehe.

  3. jpjurilla

    link da b bob? abi basahon ta kag magkadlaw

  4. Patrick

    Who’s lambasting you…? Interesting… Mwah…!Ü

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