Do you remember your Tetoron days?

Sep 23, 2011 by

I don’t know about you, but I kind of loathed my high school uniform. Looking back now, I was basically in a sad garb for four years during my adolescent period and no one seemed to have complained about my sad appearance. That tetoron fabric used for my polo absorbed every secretion of sweat that I endlessly produced for all the hyper-animations of my existence. My mom was too prudent to get me some real good cotton, but thanks to her my skin wouldn’t have become this tolerating.

Uniforms dictate the public’s stereotyping of who we are. It’s our branding of sorts. When we see a group of students in their particular uniform, we have instant thoughts toward them:

The smart ones.

The ill-bred ones.

The prostitute ones.

The religious ones.

The rich ones.

The arrogant ones.

The Chinese ones.

The TESDA ones.

The cute ones.

The soon-to-be-extinct ones.

The snobbish ones.

The cool ones.

The athletic ones.

The scholar ones.

The distance-learning ones.

These labels can be horrible, but these are real thoughts that people have when they come across a certain school that has a strong reputation on something. What reputation have you had with the uniform you wore in high school/college?

To avoid getting whacked by schools, I will refrain from posting uniform photos. This one I am posting now is my mom’s high school uniform at Silliman University (ca. late 60s). Nothing beats vintage, even if they’re made of Tetoron.

And this one is a random photo I find nice. Thanks to

The Tetoron variety.

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