Do you remember how things were before you got into a relationship?

Oct 24, 2011 by

There’s conscious avoidance on my part when it comes to the discussion of relationship because what do I know. I can only talk about myself and my myriad of triumphs and failures (well, mostly triumphs) in this creyzee world of releyshenships. But since I have been nagged by people to dip a finger in this sensitive issue of releyshenships, I thought of involving you.

How about writing something about relationships?

Anything. Everything.

Talk about your present relationship, or worse, your future. Which is weird, cause you’re not even supposed to see your future. No one can and no one does.

Talk about your horrible ex. Your fantastical flings. Your pseudo-romance which only YOU believe in.

Talk about your observations of people, how angry you are when you see two lovers showing affection in public and how you have plotted in murdering them at that very moment.

Talk about your deepest desires toward someone else and how neglected you are by that other person. This is your chance to do some spiting.


For the first time, I will accept articles using pseudonyms for bylines. Let’s go for angst and lots of love.

Send your entries (not more than 300 words) to



Lovers Series by Lynn Rushton

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