Dining at Rome.

Mar 15, 2011 by

After all these years of food adventure, I have acquired a sensible amount of discriminatory attitude towards what is good food against bad food. Tonight’s dining was a time well-spent with great friends and great food. I am privileged to be one of the few people who was the first to experience Steps of Rome at Plazuela de Iloilo. I came prepared like a Roman entering an Arena to give the Emperor a show. Except that being prepared in this context meant coming hungry. The Roman feast awaited. And the royalty that greeted us was no less than my ever-gracious friend Pauline. I was expecting she’d welcome us in flesh-revealing Romanesque garb, but I think her mood was more on the conservative side tonight. Which was alright, nonetheless.

With me were some of my most exciting companions who always succeed in making things happen on a really large scale: Ana (an advertising mogul), Yen (a Steve Jobs protege), Diane (a world-renowned zero-fat perfectly sculpted arms girl) and Kevin (the next Ironman). Later, Pauline’s husband Gus (an automobile magistrate and the future of revolutionary athleticism such as swimming in dangerous waters for the sake of sports) joined us. The combination of characters was lethal and we nourished ourselves with exceptionally delicious food so memorable you would forget there was a radioactive threat hovering the Philippine atmosphere.

STEPS of ROME at Plazuela de Iloilo is your destinazione italiana dell'alimento. Pronto!

Steps of Rome exudes the hollywood vintage italian with its colors, shapes and thematic feel through Italian movie posters.

Here’s what we had:

For myself, predictable as I am, I had Italian Baby Backribs. This is how it looks like (and if you’re not salivating already, I think you’re in comatose):

predicatable me: Italian Baby Backribs

For Diane, who is a health buff and a muscled arm-guru, she had Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet (Mahi-Mahi):

Ana decided to go full-swing carnivore. So she helped herself with Steak Florentine:

And Kevin, who is perennially addicted to non-rice stuff, ordered Creamy Chicken Carbonara:

My other friend Yen requests her privacy regarding her dish, so I must abide by her confidentiality of choice. I can only say that she went for some green stuff because she’s compartmentalizing her diet. A fact which is capped with a fancy dose of Jack’s afterwards.

Pau indulged us with this Deep Dark Chocolate which for me was an ultimate metaphor of happiness. I think it was this piece of heaven that got us stuck til hours later talking about our exciting lives and how we tried pimping our friend Moniq to no avail.

You guys have to come to Steps of Rome if you want royal Italian treatment that would enthrall your senses. I can still taste the melting deepness of that lovely chocolate and I see you wiping your mouth. Wink.


  1. LJ

    me = convinced. will try it tom. thanks for this post, bob! :)

  2. kathy

    take me there! i will be dreaming of that chocolate cake tonight!

  3. bobby

    Sure Katch! Is weekend ok? Date ta!

  4. Angel

    ang sarap naman nyan! I’m gonna try that one for sure! ^_^

  5. wiL

    Jawdroppingly Fantabulous! YUM

  6. resy

    now i know where to take my friends for lunch tomorrow! :) yummy!!!! :)

  7. ehem, bob….thank you , thank you. what a nice blog. these days, people go for comfort food ad this is what i want to achieve at STEPS OF ROME, Italian Comfort food . affordable luxury. that’s it. :-)

  8. bobby

    Thanks for dropping by, Pau! I’m looking forward to more Roman comforting at Steps of Rome! Will bring more friends! Ciao!

  9. Nico

    looks so yummy!!!!

  10. Kitel

    that deep dark chocolate looks so yummy. :)
    libre! hehehe

    • bobby

      Magsugod rehearsals daw damo gid ni librehanay nga matabo! hahahaha!

  11. Kitel

    *look so

  12. Theodore

    …will be there one of these days!looks really tempting!

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