DINAGYANG 2013 is not the Philippines’ Best Festival for Nothing.

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Over the years, tourists who come to Iloilo for the world-renowned DINAGYANG Festival leave a reverberating impression on the kind of revelry that they enjoyed during the week-long celebrations. They speak of things both they wish to remember and things they’d rather forget; all for the pure pleasure of free-spirit.

Dinagyang is the Philippines’ Best Festival. The citation has been given by the Philippine Department of Tourism and while you can look up on google the official reasons why this city holds the title for the longest time, I have come up with my own list. This might just convince a Dinagyang virgin soul to come and visit Iloilo.

Iloilo Dinagyang is the Philippines’ Best Festival because:

1. The spectacle that the street dance competition brings to its audience literally explodes with energy like no other festival in the country. The tribal performance fuses eccentric costuming, concept-driven choreography, rib-ripping rhythm of live musical accompaniment are elements grounded on decades of Dinagyang evolution that we know it as it is today. Watching it brings an experience like nothing else can ever give you.

2. You get a glimpse of history by visiting centuries old churches, ancestral houses, and treasured edifices around the city. It’s a visual and historical feast for an urban junkie who grew up associating 7/11 with one’s own kitchen.

3. The food is glorious and at the same time dirt-cheap it’s extremely unbelievable. With the many, many places I have been to here and abroad, food in Iloilo is undoubtedly the best even if other regions would claim it otherwise. We have the freshest seafoods, a bounty of vegetable produce and a concoction of edibles prepared by very discriminating tongues achieved through generations of old Spanish traditions.

4. The Ilonggo charm will definitely win your hearts. Ilonggos have very generous and gentle dispositions — for most visitors, these are considered postcard perfect to some extent.

5. Parties everywhere, non-stop. Indulge in booze and dance in places of your liking where people are out to just have fun til the break of dawn.

If you haven’t been to Dinagyang Festival yet, you have got to find a way to be here because it is absolutely worth it all. The highlights of the festival is set on 26-27 of January, 2013. But parties will drum up the celebrations for the entire week before the weekend highlights.

For those who have made prior bookings to Iloilo already, check out the detailed schedule of Dinagyang events through the official

website of Iloilo Dinagyang 2013.

The Official Poster of 2013 Dinagyang Festival

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