Dinagyang 2012 Series: Too Much Happenings I Go Mute

Jan 22, 2012 by

I missed blogging about the second day of the Dinagyang weekend because things and events happened so fast I didn’t realize it was time to hit the sack — at 5 AM. So many things, so little time. It’s pure revelry down here in Iloilo. It’s loud, it’s crampy everywhere, it’s bouncy, it’s a city-turned-watering hole.

And I think everyone’s loving it. I don’t know what else to say because honestly, my brain is fried after all the dancing and chitchatting with good friends last night. Today is Day #3. And thank God my voice is still in good form. Be hosting an 18th birthday later.

I know Manila people will shrug this off as it is a normal occurrence to them, but here in Iloilo it drove people a bit nuts.

My groupies prior to Philip Morris party (L-R): Karlo, Cristabel, Odette, Ew, Carlo and Payok.

The upper deck at the Philip Morris party.

The mayhem outside Smallville Complex

With Gus and Pau inside the Philip Morris party.

The view from the top.

My blue-blooded friends: Yen, Red and Shara.

My students from UPV, Jeff and Kim

Partyphiles: Yen, Tara, Joan, Ramir and Shara

Hmmm... I should have been jailed. LOL


  1. reggie

    Hi, I’m bummed out that I missed Dinagyang this year. I just followed it on live streaming. I couldn’t even share it to family members who have not experience the real deal, because live streaming doesn’t give it justice.

    Has it been published kung sino ang mga choreographers/directors of the tribes? I think they deserve recognition. I thought it would be a nice project for your students to research on them and do an in-depth interview on their work.


    • admin

      Hi Red! Thanks for dropping us a message… I have a list of Choreographers and their tribes and have scheduled to publish the information soon (you’re just in time, actually)… So I hope you’ll find good use of the next posts. My source is from the Dinagyang Foundation itself. Cheers! Hope you can find time to join us here in Iloilo for the 2013 Dinagyang! =)

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