Dinagyang 2012 Series: Before the Mayhem

Jan 19, 2012 by

It is not my common practice to roam around the city as if I”m the mayor to check on how things are before the mayhem that Dinagyang will bring. But because I feel in my heart I owe the world some sort of a preview on the situation in the city, here comes my Dinagyang Series. My intention is simple: To excite you with the coming days. Clearly, the city”s pressure is rising because it sure drums up the event dubbed as the best festival in the Philippines.

I went around the city at 12 noon, under the heat of the scorching sun. My tan is so good you”d want to touch it.

Let”s start the tour with this cute mobile restaurant by Shakeys:

I'm not sure if this will be put up permanently at SM City (right beside SM Southpoint) but I saw tables and chairs being set up, so I guess it is.

Plazuela de Iloilo is also coming up with big events, not to mention REPUBLIQ coming to Iloilo in this venue as well as another event called FORBIDDEN. Both events are definitely worth visiting.

Delgado Street on a clear day but come this weekend, this place will be filled with food festivals and blasting sound systems and people having a grand time.

JM Basa Street is the streetfood capital of Iloilo. Grilled corns being sold at 12 noon. Amazing.

Native products mesh with religious artifices along the streets of JM Basa.

Regent Cinema boasts of soft porn flicks. Old school.

Walking the street towards the rear part of the Freedom Grandstand. More banderitas! (Flaglets)

According to my friend Yen, this place is famous among the more adventurous eaters of Iloilo. Known for its fresh seafood and a variety of grilled stuff, Nora's Eatery sure is a superstar underdog restaurant.


Business-as-usual for these fortune-making stores that have long existed even before I was born.


Old stuff, soulful stuff. I wish we can make this avenue the next Les Rue Classique.

Before National Bookstore came to Iloilo, we had D'Tops.

Catching the fruits while they're still fresh. As soon as weekend comes, this stall will reek of beer.


Keep posted everyone! The Dinagyang 2012 Fever is on! See you in Iloilo!

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