Define Passion.

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Lately, I have been seeing audition posters everywhere in the campus inviting interested students who think they have the talent and passion. It’s the time of the year when auditions are held because a lot of freshmen are out looking/shopping for groups that they think can provide them the avenue for extra-curricular activities and where they can also excel. These audition posters contain the word passion — perhaps to indicate a few things:

1. Working unconditionally;

1.1. No fees, no allowances

1.2. Paying for your own costume

1.3. Juggling academics and rehearsal schedules

1.4. Obedience to the demands of the group

2. Selfless sharing of time, talent and resources all for the glory of thy art;

3. That unspoken desire to become a better artist and be rewarded for one’s hardwork and commitment.

After the week-long auditions in our dance company, UPV HUBLAG, we have screened a few very promising dancers. I think there is still hope among the younger generation of artists who are willing to dedicate themselves to something as rigorous as being part of a dance company. Their willingness to come to dance classes and rehearsals four times a week for at least two hours per session, the sacrifice they make with time and energy management (these kids have a gazillion of home works to do), depriving themselves with other shallow-teeny-weeny things like watching basketball after dinner or hanging out with friends talking about crushes, their limitations on food — among others — are some of the things passion would ask you to fulfill. It isn’t a walk in the park and only the ones who are ready for it can survive.

I am excited to begin rehearsals next week and we are off to a good start in UPV Hublag Dance Company. A series of shows have been booked for official university functions and a big concert coming up in August in celebration of a national conference hosted by Iloilo City. I know I will be quite monstrous to my kids again in the coming weeks, but again — passion calls for it. This… this… this l’amour for dance is a very serious job and it’s not for the weak-hearted.

Passion. Go get some.

Our audition poster.

Senior members deliberating for the audition results.

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