Death by Drivers

Apr 25, 2012 by

I have consistently said food is my panacea. So for a much needed get-away off to Bacolod we went – food being the reason. To indulge and to binge on food was my weekend mantra. And if it is Bacolod then it’s got to be Trattoria Uma and Manokan Country. As if it was a mortal sin to go on a chowdown, death started at the dock upon arrival. The cab driver rolled down the window and asked where we were headed. After being told that we will be staying in Mandalagan, near Robinsons, right away and without thinking he charged us 150 bucks. Strike 1. Not wanting to be cabbie-robbed, we went to SM city to get a cab for a meter rate. The driver of this cab brought us to our hotel and upon giving him the money, told us that he didn’t have change. Strike 2. After resting in our hotel, we called for a cab to bring us to Trattoria Uma. After arriving at Trattoria, the driver of another cab again said, he didn’t have change. Strike 3. The lambshank, tuna and caviar and porkbelly are worth going to in Bacolod.

Tuna and Caviar at Trattoria Uma.

THE Lambshankkkkkkkk.

The following morning, I headed off to Starbucks. After paying the driver — if you can’t guess what this driver also said then scoot….. This time I had to open my mouth and tell the driver that there must be connivance amongst them. I told him they will not ever get rich anyway unless by some horrible nightmare one of them wins the lotto. Not wanting to ruin my morning any further I went down and entered the coffee shop. Do I hear a strike 4? After lunch at Manokan country, after chicken oil on garlic rice, chicken inasal and ass, we went to Robinsons. There was a long line of cabs waiting for passengers. The driver told us we should get down already so he could take his line. We told him to bring us to the entrance of the mall. He told us he preferred to take the line. Strike
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5. Roads may be wide in Bacolod, but brains of some drivers could be as narrow as a gutter…if they have brains at all. I doubt if they have any. Ah but if sinning by indulging and binging on these restaurants again and again will mean death by these Bacolod drivers, I will do it. My death will be beautiful. Theirs — these drivers — will have them plunging down to the deepest hell. Definitely.

The lane at Robinsons where driver/s want to drop us so they can queue up while the passenger will just have to walk his/her way to the entrance which is about 3 minutes away.


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  1. Apple

    Drivers in Bacolod and the whole Negros are terrible drivers! Really! And yes, the cab drivers from the port always charge P150 as long as its in Bacolod. Thank God for GDR and Light of Glory in Iloilo.

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