Davao, Davao!

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From the plane above, I looked out of the window upon our landing. The view of Davao City tells you it is BIG. From my collected knowledge about Davao (and the times I have visited it in the past), things here seem to come in Epic Proportions. The superlatives: think of Mt Apo. Davao City land area as the second (?) biggest in the world, the beautiful Philippine Eagle, the enormity of natural resources (making a lot of Davaoenos uber-rich), the vastness of just about anything. Even the ribs that welcomed us for lunch snapped me out of my consciousness and had me saying: this has gotta be one of the best ribs I have ever had. And the ribhouse disclaimed itself as the world’s worst ribs. I love the punch of Lyndon’s. You should have the ribs once you go there.

Before romancing Davao, we stayed in Malalag for the work that we were tasked with. I wrote a brief blog about it and I guess the rest of the details will have to wait until I attract the poetic spirits just to make sure I give justice to the experience in that town. Glorious and Grand can be considered apt teaser for that.

So in Davao, I was glad to meet up with old good friends from Manila (and Boracay, of course). Karen and Daryl took me out for a quiet rendezvous that eventually ended in hearty laughs over gossips and the buzz. It was nostalgic for us because we have always had Boracay as our backdrop for goodtimes and Davao stood in as a good alternative.

One of the highlights in Davao was visiting the Eagle Farm. I can barely remember how my first visit was in the farm back in 2001. Back then, the star eagle of the farm is Pag-asa. But now Pag-asa is being placed in a higher cage separate from Mindanao, the new star eagle, who is much closer to the visitor’s route. With Mindanao, we were lucky enough to witness him being fed with a rabbit. Mindanao stretches his wings in such majestic span and I only felt sad when I saw how he struggled with the food in his claws because he was tied. The Philippine eagle is beautiful. One can only see so much until the eagle’s eyes stare at you with such sharpness you feel like you haven’t seen anything.

We left Davao with a couple of extra inches in our bellies and it is something we do not regret. Our hosts, Tita Pat, Paul, Bong and Eduard were just too kind to have carried us around in the five sweet days that we were there. Davao has all the comforts a picky tourist desires and yes, Abreeza by the Ayala Malls is a wonderful place to shop. Will definitely go back to Davao soon.

PS. Kevin and Rupert went to see another city in Davao del Norte called TAGUM City. They gushed about the city’s promising landscape and the ultra-sleek City Hall. Since I was not with them in that turn-around, I asked Kevin to write about it. Coming soon. 

The World's Worst Ribs. Not. The best, methinks.


Friends are love. My Davao City connection: Karen & Daryl.

Watching Mindanao being fed with a rabbit. The Philippine Eagle is majestic.

Define Vanity: The majestic eagle and the fab me.

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