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…This blogsite is not an official virtual window to Iloilo or anything to that effect. This is not a travelogue slash Iloilo guide slash hotel listing blogsite. This is not where you look for contact numbers of restaurants or look up the latest news on City Ordinances or follow up progress on the Jalaur Dam controversy. This blogsite has a very simple purpose: to serve as my outlet as a kid who grew up in Iloilo and all that go with it.

…Blogging is not my bread and butter. I have a job as a teacher in UP. I blog whenever I have free time or when something bugs me and I feel the itch to blab about it. I don’t get paid when I write about establishments (except on very few occasions when I was offered to endorse something and I liked their service or product). I write about people, places, things, and other existentially commercial stuff because I find them good (or genuinely bad).

…I do get invited to events specifically to cover a product, a service or an idea.  A couple of times, I appeared because I wasn’t doing anything. I guess it was also because the events were so huuuuge I couldn’t pass it up. Some of the perks of being in this sphere, really.

…I am not a member of any blogging groupies here in Iloilo.

…This is perhaps the most underutilized blog in the country. With the skyrocketing promise of a potential market (my traffic stats would drive you mad, if you only realize how many people visit my blog and get engaged on a DAILY basis), this can be a portal to a myriad of advertising trash, but I know I’m better than that. So yes, I’m keeping this clean by keeping it insane.

…I am not a fashion authority. I don’t do OOTD or hunt for street-fashionistas. I do have occasional selfies for the sake of confirming your suspicions that until now, I still look good.

…I am not a confused soul. I am completely in control and I know what I want. My special talent is reading minds.

…This blogsite was originally conceived as a film-review blogsite. So just to let you know, I’ll be back to reviewing films one of these days. Now this is exciting.

Films. I'm wearing one.

Films. I’m wearing one.

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  1. Willy

    I love the film you’re wearing :D

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