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Aug 16, 2012 by

It’s been 13 days since my 32nd birthday and I haven’t even written a single blog about my annual coming-of-age blabber. I was planning to, but the sequence of events led to another task and another project and another travel and I realized the trail of things doesn’t stop until I stop it. It had to come from me and so after tomorrow’s dance concert, I’m going to take a long-sweet break from the monotony (and dangers) of commuting, the intricate process of communicating with personality-defunct students that I meet on a necessary basis, and the unhappy flow of cash that continues to go out and not come back. I did mention about Ironman, didn’t I? It was fun. Staying at Shangri-la was the closest I can get to being treated like a royalty and despite the spine-breaking bill, I can say it was pretty worth it. The international triathlon event Cobra Ironman 70.3 (that used to be the crowning glory of Camarines Sur) was held in Cebu this year. I went with Multisport Iloilo whom I support closely since 2010. Amidst the fun and flair of the event, what matters is that all the Ilonggo athletes made it to the finish line without losing a limb. I was appointed as the back-up photographer (our official photographers are people I don’t know really) and had to patiently wait for finishers to cross the line. Good thing there was sufficient eye-candy to keep me going.

Ironman 2012 - My Iloilo

Some athletes of MULTISPORT ILOILO taking a break from a wonderful breakfast buffet at The Tides in Shang. Go figure.

  Tomorrow night, the UPV Hublag Dance Company will restage its Ang Miagao Salakayan performance (with extended dance routines) for the Math Teachers Association of the Philippines National Convention hosted by UP Visayas and the Department of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (UPV). This has been what’s keeping me very busy the past days and had to endure the traveling to Miagao and at times having to stay there overnight for rehearsals. I’m quite excited to bring the show back — only this time, it will be seen by audiences coming from the different parts of the Philippines as well as a number of delegation from other countries. I am curious to know how they would take such local material from their perspective and maybe solicit some reactions from a few friends on my revised choreography. Excited. Speaking of choreography, there’s this Ilonggo choreographer who is now on the hot seat facing raps on money-related crimes and a warrant of arrest. The issue was broadcast over Bombo Radyo this morning. I know the involved choreographer personally and he had done my friends a lot of wrong in the past. So this does not come as a surprise that at some point, someone is going to run after him and he will meet his match to pin him down. We may have failed in fighting for what was due us after doing creative work for a tribe that won in Aliwan back in (I forgot what year that was — selective amnesia), but I am really hoping this time, justice will prevail. This choreographer may have the talent, but this talent has certainly been abused and was used to take advantage of people. Three words: serves you right. BOURNE LEGACY: Sexy | Explosive | Intelligent | Fast I don’t understand why some Filipinos fuss over the parts of the film where there’s Manila in it. Kesyo it only showed the grittier side of the city, the slums, the lousy police tactics, the traffic. What do you expect?! That they film the car chase at Bonifacio Global City? Or go in hiding in one of the posh units at Rockwell? What’s the big deal!?! Everyone who has read, heard and seen Manila would know that this city is a labyrinth of both good and evil and it just happened to be the dark side that the film needed to make the action sequences look more . . . intense. If this is any consolation, the film ended in the

paradise that is Palawan. What does that say, huh?    

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