Combating bad cabbies.

Jan 7, 2012 by

You can now report a complaint against taxi drivers in Manila who make your life a living hell (and as far as I’m concerned, these encounters with evil cab drivers seem to be a daily occurrence in the metro so it’s quite puzzling why it’s only now that some tech-wizard kiddos have thought of this). is a phone app you can access through your sosyal phones — by sosyal, I mean those phones capable of accessing the net wherever-whenever. The app is so cool it makes you put in the cab plate number, the violation, taxi name, and other comments. Once done filling out, you just slide the button to the right. The button says: SLIDE TO KICK. How cool is that?! I am guessing the creators of this app must have really horrible experiences with cabbies that they came up with this to get back at the arse-holes. Serves them right.

There’s really no point threatening the cabbies when you intend to use this app to report them because 1) they wouldn’t have a frigging idea what it is, 2) they’d probably point a Gillette blade at you.

Here are some of the interesting violation choices you can report:

1. Refused boarding

2. Choosing passengers

3. Overcharging

4. No meter

5. Tampered or broken meter

6. Contracting

7. No receipt

8. Reckless driving

9. Rude behavior

10. Smoking while driving

11. Not in uniform

12. No seatbelts

13. Smelly interiors

14. Dirty seats and interiors

15. Left behind items

16. Physical assult

17. Verbal harrassment

18. Malicious mischief

19. Sexual assault

20. Dilapidated

21. No taxi details inside

22. LPG smells


The choices are fabulous. It speaks on your behalf without missing anything (or did it?). Try it once, and let me know. Maybe Iloilo should have something like this too.


  1. rebs

    SO it’s still limited to MAnila? I hope it will become available in Iloilo and Bacolod. Had much worse experience with taxicab drivers here than in Manila

  2. bobby

    Yeah we should have it here too! Lots of drivers who deserve some whippin!

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