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The results for this year’s ABS-CBN Newscasting Competition somehow created a controversy among the UP Visayas constituents who saw the final performances of the contestants and have also followed the live on-air performance of each contender. Our contestant from UPV did not make it to top 3, prompting the supporters of Jill (our UPV contestant) to question the decision of the judges. Though the questioning was never made official in terms of clarifying with ABS-CBN being the organizing body, the chain of opinions spread online like wildfire. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook. The opinions revolved around the discussion of the stark difference of the chosen winner as compared to the performance of Jill from UPV. The incredibility of the result was based on the obvious slips committed by the winner/s, their visual impact (newscasting being a visual medium), their vocal clarity and authority and so on. The online opinion of UPV students revolved around these grounds. For me, these were valid opinions. In any contest, there will always be a winner and a loser. There will always be a possibility for protest. A possibility for opinions. If rules are made clear and these rules are bound by the integrity that the organizer upholds, then it can never be shaken. It cannot be questioned. No matter how crappy or unbelievable or weird the results are, the results are usually final.

But then, everyone else is also entitled to their own opinion.

This is where the danger comes in. When opinions are pronounced and they gather some sort of following, like a storm picking up strength. And when it did, it kind of got a bit messed up.

An affected entity rose up to the challenge. This entity created a facebook account with the name Ciemes Lowzers; a pseudonym for CMS Losers. This page was meant to counter-attack the highly-emotional reproach of some students from UPV on the recent defeat in the Newscasting Competition (particularly the CMS students = CMS being Communication and Media Studies). It contains nothing but a wall filled with status posts that blocked any reaction nor comment from the other party. It was a wall to express disgust towards CMS students in a straightforward fashion, no reactions allowed.

The creator of the page declares itself to be from West Visayas State University (another State University in Iloilo that is equally competitive and have produced excellent and outstanding Masscomm graduates). Out of that entity’s anger, it lashes out on the CMS program of UPV as such:

“How pathetic kung magaling talaga kayo sana kayo ang nanalo. Nagpupuyos sa galit, mas maganda naman talaga ang study plan namin kaysa sa inyo.”

It adds:

They only hav radio speech, tv speech and speech 136 in der study plan..Kami ya my tv speech,radio speech,broadcast journalism, field reporting, and radio-tv announcing/newscasting mas updated amun curiculum eh..ti wonder pa sila pirdi sila kay lawlaw study pln nila.

Based on this entity’s statements, it is clearly clueless of what it is talking about. I feel sorry for my friends and colleagues from WVSU because I know how they probably feel about this act of ignorance being committed by their own emotional constituent. This entity is so emotional it tries to represent the entire college of Masscomm from WVSU when in truth it does not represent the good college.

This entity should then be haunted down and be taught a lesson by WVSU if they truly feel these claims do not speak for them. Too much effort, yes, but we all know what to do when our homes are being eaten off by termites, right? We do everything to pulverize them or else we lose the entire foundation.

There is no point counter-pointing this entity’s attacks because, clearly, come on. No one has the right to say whose curriculum is better than the other. And the curriculum has nothing to do with the newscasting victory or defeat. In fact, you don’t have to be a masscomm student to qualify for the newscasting competition. In fact, you don’t have to win the competition because no one cares about the past winners anyway. In fact, you don’t even have to join at all. Who gives a shit about your stupid hairdo and heavy make-up and fakely modulated voice and that drab suit? You don’t get remembered. Get real. To make it in this industry is an entirely different ballgame and it has nothing to do with this newscasting competition.

And here’s one more statement the entity posted that kind of ticked me:

Our profesors have both educational units/board passers and have masters degree, inyo ya masters lang ahayyyy..

Uhm, as to which universe the entity got this idea from, I have no clue. I don’t even want to start going into the statistics because I’ll just turn out equally idiotic. So there. Just so the world knows.

I have so much respect for my friends in WVSU and it has not changed. I believe WVSU is an excellent school and its programs are abreast within the academic standards as they continue to flourish and produce wonderful graduates. And just like anywhere, universities are bound to have moles. Moles like this entity who stain the name of a good university. I wish this can be addressed properly. If not, then let’s just leave it at that and allow this entity to rot in its own insane beliefs about the funny subjects and the funny professorial licenses and the funny curriculum ideas it has.

This entity should be thankful I’m in such good mood today.

The screenshot of the entity's wrath page. Look, Ike is its friend! LOL

Gratifying itself with silly ideas. LOL


  1. Patrick

    “This entity should then be haunted down and be taught a lesson by WVSU if they truly feel these claims do not speak for them.”

    – Patayin sa sindak ang entity… I love the way this was written Bob… You’re really in a very very good mood…Ü

    • anvie

      it might also be nga ang entity nga ni only claims to be from WVSU and aims to create faction between the two university… im a bit worried though nga indi ni ma track down kung cnu… haix… just another controversy for CMS, it will all pass away and nobody will remember…

      • bobby

        Actually, the entity left a comment on this blog. The entity spoke in crude Hiligaynon so I decided not to publish it. =) The power is mine. The entity can only do so much. =)

  2. bobby

    Dear Entity:
    YOU WILL DIE without anybody ever knowing you. If ever we meet paths in the future, don’t ever make the mistake of revealing yourself to me because I will feed you to the crocs in Agusan del Sur. You don’t have a place in this world except for that little IP Address this world wide web has granted you (for free). So even if you leave another useless comment, it’s pointless. Your anonymity is pathetic. It’s for those people whose desire to feel powerful is to conceal their real identity behind a hazy virtual mock up.

    And yes, this blogsite is MINE and you can never get anywhere within.

    Ze Bobby Rodriguez

  3. varonaky

    Love the “it!” Hehe. Yes, definitely beneath your notice, Bob. Leave it under the rock where it belongs. Poor thing.

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