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May 4, 2011 by

I travel a lot. I can starve myself in exchange for traveling. I don’t care about fancy things because I believe life is about experiencing the world around us and it should not end in looking at pictures on facebook and be a sorry ass stuck at home. So here, I am putting in public my travel schedules in the coming months. I have made arrangements with friends who are coming with me for this itineraries. But I am open to invitations in between or thereafter.

May 18: SIQUIJOR – It has been a dream and now I am going to make it happen. We will travel by land from Bacolod and will pass by some sites before reaching the paradise.

My mom spent her high school years in Siliman University and I grew up listening to her stories. This should be a wonderful treat to finally see her beloved campus and the quaint city of Dumaguete.

Although this looks like Boracay, it isn’t. Siquijor is a gem untouched. I’d like Siquijor to stay that way. Will tell you more about it after this trip.

May 25: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Underground River is a sight to behold and though darkness creeps within, I can’t wait to let the drama of the rock formations unfold before my very eyes.

May 28: Manila City

Manila keeps surprising me, so since I can’t evade its path in all these travels, I might as well just explore the parts rarely experienced by many. Stories to follow.

June 17: Cebu City – I love the Cebu lechon, the very good friends I have there and the nightlife. But I am going there for a specific purpose and I intend to have fun on the side.

Cebu is one of my favorite cities. It’s so much like Manila minus the really bad traffic and Rockwell Powerplant.

August 12: Camarines Sur – I am leading the pack of cheerios for the 2011 IronMan event. It’s a huge event for multi-sport athletes and I can’t wait to be in the company of some! I will devote a blow-by-blow account of this event a la CNN on Osama’s killing.

Athletes and cheerios come together for IronMan 2011 in Camarines Sur in Bicol Region.

August 16: Boracay. This is my pit stop. A vacation or a sequence of such is best culminated in the island of Boracay. No matter how slain the island is with all its commercialism and astute hustling contributed by non-islanders, Boracay is still my first love. So don’t blame me.

A universe of its own: BORACAY ISLAND. August 16.


  1. LJ

    dumaguete is love. have fun, bob! :)

  2. Bob, wish ko gid nga sa Dumaguete ma-spend sang anniversary namon sa May 5.

  3. bobby

    LJ: I can’t wait to experience LOVE in Dumaguete! =)

    Sir Atan: Go for it! Galing pano ang mga kids? Do you have someone who can take care of them? Or if carry, bring them na lang eh! Hehehe! I am so looking forward to this trip!

  4. resy

    ill be in siquijor sa may 29. woohoooo!

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