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Nov 13, 2011 by

Aside from my weekly dose of celebrityhood (read: Saturday performances for Gleeorious and the applause and the photo-ops after, it”s pretty much celebrityhood, yes?), this weekend seemed to have a bit more extra. And it was fun.

Before the celebrity stories, I”d just like to say that it was fun to revive a sport that I haven”t done in decades: bowling. Together with my co-actors from Gleeorious, we went to Saint Elizabeth Bowling Alley after the Grand Christmas Launch at SM City. We were hyper with the sport because most of us sucked at it. Ha ha! The really good ones were Maám Crista, Jasper and Uno. I, on the other hand, scored quite well, but several times I threw the ball straight unto the gutter. I want to do it again.

Gleeorious cast squaring it off on the lanes. Happy Birthday to my co-actor Melai.

** Visiting Iloilo City for a AyalaLand Grand Sales Recruitment for Agents and Brokers is my good friend Ben Redulla. It has been a while since we last hung out in Manila as he had been busy making himself famous. He”s the face behind some of the big ads on print and TV (that coughing guy inside the cinema for a cough med ad, that guy for a toothpaste ad who says, “It”s fast! I..I…I can”t believe it!”, that guy on BPI print ad, that guy for Globe Telecom, etc etc). So anyway, we partied last night and some girls came up to him and asked for a photograph. Ben, you already.

(L-R) Ben Redulla, the myiloilo guy, and Jeff Tablante.

*** Then just today, we accompanied our friend Pauline”s daughter, Nadine, to SM City to meet Diego Loyzaga (the boy in Mara Clara and Growing Up). It was a private rendezvous with Diego because we have VIP Access to SM City (LOL — not really). So we went to see him privately in the conference room of Admin Office so Nadine could have her photo taken with Diego. Nadine was blushing in thrill.

Nadine and Diego

Here”s a transcript of the conversation that took place between my friend Pauline and Diego:

Pauline: Hi Diego, I”m Pauline. I”m Nadine”s Included in the new deal, Gtech will install 1,800 new Altura GT1200 devices, growing the options for brand new casino games and services. mom.

(Then I had a short chitchat with Diego — sorry transcript not available — then the photo ops. After the photo ops…)

Pauline: So what”s your talent? Sing or Dance?

Diego: Uhm, more on singing po.

Pauline: How old are you?

Diego: I”m 16 years old po.

Pauline: Do you go to school?

Diego: Yes po, I studied in Australia before but now I”m in Montessori.

Pauline: Ahh I see. So you have any movies coming up?

Diego: Yes po, I”m working on a movie now, but very small part lang. It”s with my dad actually. He wants me to experience working for film kasi iba naman po compared sa taping for TV.

Pauline: Ahh that”s nice.

Nice kid indeed. Answered the questions of Pauline without stuttering.

Then we had coffee at Starbucks for about an hour. When we went back inside the mall, there was commotion. Kids going through puberty where running towards one direction, screaming, their cameras ready to shoot. They were running after the Loyzaga kid who was being escorted by 6 bodyguards. Amazing.

Screams come from girls... and boys alike. All for Diego.



*****Postscript: Last Saturday, SM City Iloilo (together with all the SM Supermalls nationwide) launched its SM Christmas by unveiling the 3 huge Christmas trees at the Event Center. Do visit it when you have time. It”s actually nice and photo-worthy.

SM Christmas ChriSMs! Ready to shop shop shop!


  1. Ben

    it’s so fast, i..i..i can’t believe it! =P

    lovely seeing you again bobster. let’s rock ‘em again soon!

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