Celebrating Philippine Independence

Jun 12, 2011 by

Come to think of it: Are our ancestral heroes really happy of what we have become today? Is this the kind of Philippines they have fought and died for? Can someone please text them in the afterlife to confirm?

113 years ago, the Philippines gained its freedom from the colonial rule of Spain. It cost the lives of Filipinos who loved our country beyond what we know of loving a country. We should pay homage to those who have gone before us and celebrate our freedom with self-pledges. To pledge loyalty to our country, to pledge responsible citizenship, to pledge our sense of contribution to a better Philippines.

On my part, I will host the flag-raising ceremony at SM City Iloilo with the City Officials in attendance. The program will start with a parade at 7.45 AM. After the flag-raising ceremony, a mass will be held inside the mall. AT 10 AM, our students from UP Intermedius will perform improvisation skits based on the El Filibusterismo characters in designated areas inside the mall. At 2 PM, the awarding ceremonies for PINOY ICON 2011 will be held at the Event Center with me as the host. Nine modern-day heroes will be given recognition. If you have time, do come.

Happy independence day, Pinoys!

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