Catch Me, I’m Failing.

Apr 7, 2011 by

I don’t have much time, so I’ll make this quick and refrain from using musical prose.

1. My friend Jon, says this movie is an inferior remake of Sarah-John Lloyd first movie tandem (also with Star Cinema). Sarah hit her head in that movie and again in this one. She’s made of iron skull and I wish she bleeds next time.

2. Sarah is sweet, no question. She looks chummy on screen and the kind of actress you enjoy watching being bullied and ending up victorious in the end. But is she acting in Catch Me, I’m in Love? No. She’s cast not as an actress in a full-length movie, but an endorser of TV ads with really bad taste.

3. Joey Marquez is still alive?!

4. Matteo Guidicelli is lame.

5. Gerald Anderson is lamer. His only saving grace is the fact that he took off his shirt a number of times and the fact that he did not shave. Without those, he’s a lame ass actor whose emotions range from being constipated to being constipated.

6. Christopher de Leon plays the president of the Philippines who had botox, who wears thick blush on, and who has an ear piercing.

7. The jokes are not funny. Or wait, isn’t the entire film a joke?

8. There is no kilig factor because clearly, there is .014% chemistry between Sarah and Gerald. Sarah looks at Gerald like a kuya and Gerald can pass for a pedophile.

9. We all know that Sarah is still a virgin, so what the hell.

10. The ending is a copy from Notting Hill’s ordinary-mortal-chases-celebrity-to-the-presscon-with-the-entire-family-in-a-funny-vehicle-and-ended-up-with-cameras-and-media-people-kowtowing-over-the-couple. In the theatre, I wanted to scream: GIVE ME MY MONEY BACKKKK!

The millions this movie made is an indicator of sorts: doom.


  1. I agree. Sorry but it’s true. Everything was pilit..kahit sino na lang ma-partner, masabi lang na may new movie. There are tandems na undeniable ang chemistry, but with this one..I’m not sure.”Sir” na naman..pwede next time si sarah naman ang “Maam”? Sure, Sarah is talented but wag na sanang ipilit kung kani-kanino pang leading man..puro ash-ash na lang! alam ba nila yung “sawa factor” sorry.kanya kanyang opinyon lang. But the write up is basically true.

  2. mary joy

    panu po mag audition?

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