Catch it Before it Goes Kaput.

Dec 20, 2011 by

If there’s one movie that makes you lose excess fat and cholesterol whilst glued on your theater seat, it should be Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I love the film. It is suspense-action at its finest and we are given the chance to see Tom Cruise’s swollen pimples from time to time it’s such a treat. Clearly, I can say that Director Brad Bird made a movie that would satisfy his childhood thirst for nonstop action that gets dirty, aching, sweaty, death-defying, and yes… impossible. These are action-film qualities that have long been lacking since Kill Bill (minus the lecturette-like dialogues Tarantino took delight on). MI: Ghost Protocol is a movie that had me (in chorus with Jeff and Rofel) flabbergast with shit! F*ck! Ouch! and all other expletives all in honor of suspense. MI: Ghost Protocol is full of testosterone, a blood rush that makes you forget some things (in real life) just can’t be like that, but what the hell. You are offered a good view of Tom Cruise’s tight buns in slacks and those juicy pumps & gorgeous biceps of Paula Patton! Who are we to complain? Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to watch this movie and get out of the moviehouse feeling like you just finished a two-hour workout session.

Letting go of the belt solves the missions.

If you think you can get these hot biceps like Paula Patton's just by not eating carbs, you're outta your mind. Go shoot someone, for chrissakes.

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