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Jun 3, 2011 by

I am not extremely adept to car-lingo but I know when a car looks beautiful. The 1st Iloilo Auto Summit and CARnival is now ready to accept jaw-dropping gushes from the Ilonggo car-loving public. It’s a testosterone-filled exhibition of cars that range from sleek, to chic, to soulful vintages, to just about everything Big Boys would die to have. (Please don’t look at me like that.)

Go drag your groupies to Plazuela de Iloilo ey-es-ey-pee. The show runs ’til June 5.

Nothing beats vintage. I love vintage. I want vintage. I drool for vintage.

These things whisper behind your ears with "make love with me."

Classique babies.

This is MY KIND OF VAN. Mine mine mine!!!

...because I love details.

Kevin and Gus (the event organizer of the CARnival) posing with their IRONMAN 2011 exhibition tribute.

What matters now is the CamSur 2011 IRONMAN. Team Freska is right at it.

See you there! Congratulations to Gus and his wheels team for this wonderful show!

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