Butcher your Face for Beauty. And Madness.

Dec 15, 2011 by

In your room. Put on the lights. Get a mirror. Stare at yourself.

After 5 minutes of careful self-examination, answer this question: WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE WAY YOU LOOK THAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE?

Physical alteration is getting more popular these days. People find it acceptable. What’s wrong with that? You desire to feel good about yourself, who doesn’t? It’s your face, your underarm, your thighs and your own breasts. What do people care if you want them enhanced so you can live a happy life? You deserve to be happy, so it should be alright to find a way to achieve that sense of fulfillment. Life is too short. Get a new pair of butt.

I was having coffee with my friend when she asked what I think why people decide to undergo face enhancement surgery. At first, I thought it’s a curiosity that doesn’t need discussion. It’s a topic that’s been splashed all over the magazines since people discovered silicone. There’s nothing new about it.

Anyway, I just thought I’d write a few things about it because lately I have been reading friends’ online statuses saying how frustrated they are with the way they look. Can we just follow Carmi Martin’s lead, they say.


1. You have money to spend. Facial enhancement is not cheap. Even if you go to Bangkok or in the highlands of Sierra where they use chisel to leave traditional imprints on people’s faces. You don’t only consider the procedure alone. There is the after-procedure costs and the hybernation expenses as well. Operation procedures start at 80,000 pesos and we’re talking about just the face far from Angelina Jolie’s reflection. You can probably go as far as getting the jawbone of Ai-Ai delas Alas.

2. Your natural appearance is affecting your self-esteem. To the point of wanting to commit suicide. For not having a bf or gf since birth. Or isolating yourself from public view. You must have been better off as Quasimodo.

3. You have a bunch of liar friends who keep telling you you look okay, but you’re too honest to accept it because you know you are NOT okay. You wished you have proportionality, at the very least.

4. You have showbiz ambitions. You know that to be in showbiz means to be NOT you. And it starts with shaving off unnecessary hair and getting your breasts fit a new bra size — towards the superlative, of course.

5. You have an ax to grind against your ex. You were ditched and you swore to Hera that you will return with vengeance. And what better way to achieve that but to come down the grand staircase like the evil bitch everyone has heard of, except for her real name? Guys have Edmond Dantes (in Count of Monte Cristo) in their midst as example.

6. You just want to become the new you.¬†You are Madonna’s minion. Period.

Aiieee for Megan Fox's morph.

On Robert Pattinson: I really can't tell which one is it. The chin? The jawbone? The brows? Arrrghhh

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