Boracay New Year’s Digest # 5: The Island Semi-Sank

Jan 1, 2012 by

The Last Boracay Sunset for 2011

In a span of 24 hours since my last blog yesterday, I have consumed about 26 bottles of San Mig Light, 4 cups of Bacardi Coke, 2 cups of Bacardi Sprite, 8 sticks of isaw, 2 choriburger, 2 cups of gelato, 1 cup of coffee, and gazillions of scrambled eggs.

And you wish me great health for 2012? Yeah right.

Boracay New Year’s eve was insane. The island was invaded by blonde-haired, fair-skinned, weird-smelled foreigners who rocked, danced, got drunk, got sexy and got funny on the island. It was the New Year’s party of the world. I bet my pinkie finger our New Year’s party here in Boracay is going to be much better than Times Square. The hooligan of partyphiles populated the major party spots on the island and I thought with all the jumping and grinding the island sank a bit.

Our best Boracay countdown spot courtesy of Pau's arrangement. Yebaah!

Our countdown took place at the more relaxed corner in Crystal Sand Resort where our friend Pauline arranged a special set up for food and lounging exclusively for friends. We had the best view of the fireworks that took place. After the countdown, we headed to Juice Bar where the real action was taking place. The events, if I may describe it visually, was like the images you see in a movie where at times they are being fastforwarded, then paused to a complete halt, then you see people in their most frenzied state. Suddenly all the lyrics in those club music I have abhorred make sense. They triggered an amount of happiness that can only be achieved when you are surrounded by people who bare most parts of their bodies.

I am always a lucky photographer in capturing moments. Like this.

The party slaves continued to hump when the DJ cued them to. The fellowship got even stronger when the night got deeper and inhibitions vanished. People became aggressive and highly sexual. They slither in places that pose extreme satisfaction for publicity opportunists.

With Gus, Pau and Kevin at Juice bar.

So many beautiful people. So beautiful you begin to feel inferior. Good thing I have no esteem issues. I rose above the throng and like how any other Leos do it, we ruled the pride.

Then in silence at the break of dawn, you see the party slaves fall one by one like armies getting hit by bullets. I observe from afar and took time to contemplate my existence. Visions of my to infinity and beyond flash before my eyes while the skies in the horizon slowly change colors – from bleakness to brightness. Hope, after all, was not put inside Pandora’s Box for nothing.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

Despite the mayhem the night before, Boracay continues to make me fall in love over and over and over again.





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