Boracay New Year’s Digest # 3

Dec 30, 2011 by

Woke up at 12 noon. Felt like a vampire getting burned at the sight of the sun. I may be Robert but I am not Pattinson. I protest the idea of shimmering powder.

Went to Paraiso Grille for my own personalized breakfast. Their breakfast items checklist is a novelty and I like the way they do my bacon – and eggs. But this time, they served my breakfast after 38 minutes. Kevin and I swore we will never eat breakfast at Paraiso again.

By 2 PM I was strolling by the beach with my bestgirl Kathy. We found a spot at Discovery Shores where we can ogle at people and take their photos without them knowing it. We chatted the afternoon away with lots and lots of interesting things – both from our discussion and from our line of sight. A few celebrity spotting, but being with Kathy, it means I had to hold my horses.

Our beautiful spot at Discovery where .... apparitions took place. LOL


Apparition # 1: Anton del Rosario (Azkals)


Kevin followed and so did Stevie. We all had dinner at Discovery Shores with Stevie’s guests from Manila. It was a wonderful dinner with wonderful company – sober, intimate and fun.

With my best couple friends: Stevie, Kathy and myself with Kevin outside Discovery Shores Boracay

By 12 midnight, we just arrived at Juice. I know you’re thinking Juice again? Aren’t there a bazillion other bars in Boracay?! Well we like it here. The music, the crowd and I’m friends with the bartenders and the cashier who looks more like a DJ than the DJ himself. Lots of dancing took place. I was in my element. And so was my camera phone. Most of the people who were getting all frenzied on the dance floor are Caucasians. Good thing there were no pokpoks. The Azkals were there and so were a few of the Volcanoes guys. I was half-expecting they’d clear the area for a match. My pompoms were on standby.

Apparition # 2: Andrew Wolff (Volcanoes)


Wild Things at Juice Bar

Went home at 4 AM and ate an entire burger from Jammers.

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