Boracay New Year’s Digest # 2: Real Coffee and Sur Combo

Dec 30, 2011 by

By hook or by crook, we had to have breakfast at Real Coffee as per command of Ana. I love that quaint little homey in a corner with its owner Nadine flashing her big smile and her warmest good morning upon stepping into the place. We had the hearty Jack’s Omelette and the signature Tuna Melt. It lasted us for most of the day, happily.

Drool. This is the yummy Jack's Omelette at Real Coffee.

Ana, Yen and Tara enjoying Real Coffee.

We spent the rest of the day at Sur again. Why we love it there? It is less crowded and the view of the beach is not obstructed by a lot of people. And the beers are cheap. And the staff are friendly. And the general ambiance is like Boracay in the early 2000. Our friend from Korea, April, arrived with her husband Tom as well Richel who just dropped by from Kalibo to see us and then finally JR who also intended to stay the night for some partying. These addition to the cast just got as all even more drunk.

The Mr & Mrs: Tara and Ramir, and April and Tom at Juice Bar -- before they hit the road at 11.30 hehehe

In fact, we were too drunk that when the party hour started at Juice Bar (that would be around 11.30 in the evening), my blokes wanted to go home already and sleep. Signs of aging. I, being a mutant to some extent, endured the next 5 hours with JR and Kevin in tubthumping and more drinking and meeting new friends on the island – sans the sun. We paced around the area, crossing over three bars: Epic, Juice Bar and Summer Place. Each bar trying to outdo one another by coming up with several variations of Super Bass and Born this Way. Uhm, I think Epic skipped the latter.

At Epic for their first year anniversary party. This was taken at around 3.30 AM.


Summer Place is much better now. Pokpok presence has been minimized.

As a tradition, we dipped into the beach before heading back to the hotel so we shed off the spirits of alcohol and spend half of our third Boracay day in bed.

I should be taking more pictures, yes?


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