Boracay New Year’s Digest #1: Europe Invasion

Dec 29, 2011 by

This is my 12th year celebrating New Year’s Eve in Boracay. I have made it my devotion because so far, my past twelve years have been wonderful and I can’t help but attribute part of my fortune to the good vibes that I get during New Year’s celebrations in Boracay. Absurd belief, I know, but hey – absurd is good.

Today is my second day on the island and I have thought of documenting the events here for your enjoyment. I am always chased by a series interesting events whenever I am beyond the confines of home, so I am predicting the next few days will be worth the blabber. It starts with our first day and the cast of characters:

The full cast of characters: Tara, Ramir, Yen, myself, Richel, April, Ana and Kevin

Ana, Yen, Tara & Ramir Molina and Kevin. Inside one car, for the next 5 hours.

We drove from Iloilo City under intermittent rains and gloomy skies. We were worried, but our optimism had us going and I kept singing Tomorrow. I have prepared for this trip, and sleeping on the road was not an option. That’s the catch when you ride with a driving friend because you cannot sleep. It’s very inconsiderate. So I had to stay awake, kept talking like an annoying Myna Bird (I think Ramir was hoping I’d slept instead). During the 5-hour drive, two interesting things took place: First, the restaurant we stopped over for breakfast had the best deep fried native chicken in the world, credit goes to Ramir for introducing it to us. Second, an electric line snapped off the post and dangled in the middle of the road that we almost cut across it. The rest of the ride was just sheer chismis and college-days-laughter.

First day on the island, we surmised the massive number of blonde-haired people. I don’t have statistics, but based on my visual assessment, there’s just so many of them Europeans. Which is kinda good, I think. Those Caucasians do take the extra mile in running away from the cold of winter in their respective countries.

Beach Lovin...

As usual, our first day was spent on fresh seafood lunch at the Talipapa (Wet Market) and later Happy Hours at Sur Beach Resort at station 1. We sat down for hours and hours catching up with each other’s lives. Took turns taking photos of ourselves and yes, did a lot of Tweeting in our attempt to envy other people. Hahaha!

In the evening, I went out to paint the island red. I always succeed in doing that. It’s a gift, you see, to be able to call attention and be awarded the title life of the party. Ana and I mingled with her other group of friends – Tina, Ryan, and the fabulous Alicia (who comes from Singapore, who does not eat meat and who does not drink alcohol and who gave some of the best punchlines for the night).

The first day has been relaxing and was taken easy. Kevin did not even go out because he promised he’d commence the week-long revelry on the second night. So it was pretty much a low-profile Tuesday night capped with some ledge-dancing for Epic’s anniversary party (what, it’s been a year since Epic happened?!). I was fully-clothed but sweaty nevertheless, dancing to Super Bass thingie at 3.30 in the morning. My last memory of the night was being given a glass of vodka by someone from Slovenia.

Europe has a way of welcoming me to their adopted island.

First night mayhem at Epic Boracay.


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