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Mar 30, 2011 by

In terms of books, I mean. I thought of documenting our shelf because I’m trying to drain my rechargeable batteries off the camera and I’m sick of taking photos of myself. So I thought our books/magazines can make for good features from time to time. You got some of these books too?

The only biographies displayed are those of Barbra and Madonna (I have 3 Madonna biographies, all varying in accounts, haha!). Coffee table books on ballet and choreography, oh, and my high school yearbook is there too!

Some cooking stuff. You know who uses them. Lol. Definitely not me.But I personally like all the chocolate cook books!

Some popular fiction for me: Paulo Coehlo (who does not have Paulo Coehlo?!?!), Dan Brown (who does not have Dan Brown?!?!), Liz Gilbert (who does not have Liz Gilbert?!?!), Richard Dawkins (Uhm, I guess you don’t have him), Kurt Vonnegut, Kiran Desai, Helen Fielding, etc.

Some random Filipiniana collection. Of course, I have a bazillion Jessica Zafra Twisted books, Gail Tan-Ilagan, Renato Constantino, Ladlad Anthology, Lilia Hernandez-Chiung, Rosalinda Orosa, etc.

Randomhouse shelf: Sylvia Plath, Michael Ondaatje, Poems by Jewel, Charles Frazier, Toni Morrison (I love Toni Morrison), Ronald Raegan Bio, and yeah, another Dan Brown.

The Stephen King shelf. Stephen King is a fiction genius for me. Joining him is Dante and his Inferno.

Bible stuff. LOL

Perspective of the shelf story.

The secret shelf. Spot your own stuff.

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  1. tabel

    i do! but half of the collection i have yet to read. hahaha!

  2. bobby

    HAHAHA same here Tabs! Those I haven’t read yet are still in another box! Oh my the backlogs! hahahaha!

  3. i don’t have brown and coehlo, but i do have dawkins! ;)

  4. bobby

    Good for you, Lead Character. =)

  5. florad

    i wanna raid the secret shelf!!!!

  6. reggie

    I quote Jude Bacalso of Cebu City, ” if the eyes are the window to your soul, the books that you read is a friggin’ open gate!”

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