Book Latte’s New Signature Breakfast Meals

Feb 26, 2012 by

Red Zamora has always been a famous personality since way back in college (and even before that). He has kept his fame spanking with the many endeavors he has involved himself with. Recent of which is his huge stint on national television via GMA 7’s Kitchen Superstar where he landed as one of the top 10 finalists. After his gig on Reality TV, Red took the serious road to the culinary arts by enrolling himself in proper cooking school. I also had the honor of inviting Red to do a cooking show for the College of Arts and Sciences foundation week here in UP Visayas where the CAS community had so much delight in watching him put together his masterpiece on a plate — and we had the pleasure of tasting it afterwards.

Red continues to spread love through his cooking by joining the kitchen at Book Latte to serve your good food. It is going to be a wonderful experience, so do visit Book Latte and enjoy your books with great ambiance and wonderful food by Red Zamora. Book Latte offers you a unique lounging experience because there’s no other cafe-library in Iloilo that does just that.

See you at Book Latte for a wonderful breakfast!

Red Zamora, My Iloilo

Nilasing na Hipon

Nilasing na Hipon, Fresh Tomato and Salted Egg and Fried Rice

Beef Tapa, My Iloilo

Beef Tapa, Fresh Tomato and Salted Egg, and Fried Rice


Frankfurter Meal

Frankfurter, Fried Eggs, Hash Brown, and Fried Rice


Waffles and Bacon

Waffles, Bacon, Hash Brown, and Fried Eggs


Hungarian Sausage Meal

Pancakes, Hungarian Sausages,Fried eggs and Hash Brown

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  1. Chef Red Zamora

    Thanks…Do try the new breakfast items…Book Latte is coming up this week with its own rendition of gourmet sandwiches meant to meet that lingering first bite of indulgence…Bon Appetit!

  2. tip

    Waffles, Bacon, Hash Brown, and Fried Eggs – super like! sige one of these days, makadto ko sa book latte! what time gani sila gaopen sa morning? himu-on ta ka anay information center hehehe thanks, Bob!

  3. Michael Loredo

    hi. curious ako. Diin ini sya?

  4. scarlet

    congrats red! makadto man ko da kn mgpailoilo ko ah


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