The Most Unique Library Cafe in Iloilo is…

Mar 11, 2011 by

BOOK LATTE. No contest. No questions asked.

Book Latte is truly a one-of-its-kind library and coffee shop with all the comforts that any urbanite needs for him/her to destress: good books, new books, cozy ambiance, the best ALCOHOLIC CAKES in town, free wi-fi, an environment of intellectuals (trust me, this one is hard to come by), affordable but really good coffee concoctions, the only Krispy Kreme outlet in Iloilo, and a beautiful couple who owns the place (my bestfriends, Kathy and Stevie — now I hear you say AHA!).

When in Iloilo (and to those who live in Iloilo and have not been here),

The collection of books is extensively growing by the day. Why buy when you can rent?

The members only lounge area

The bar area

There's also an al fresco area

The happy and beautiful people of Book Latte

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