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Jul 29, 2013 by

My closest friends would understand why for the longest time I haven’t published anything that resembles the Bobby that many netizens know me for. That whinny, funny, sexy and partly annoying kid around the blog suddenly shifted to being distant. Quiet. Flatline.

I owe you an explanation.

  • I was caught up on growing my hair. I wanted to partially achieve that Charice Pempengco transformative hairstyle that has once again received global attention. After about 4 months of patience and an enormous amount of shampoo, I gave in to the call of the scissors and settled for lame highlights instead.
  • I am officially training for marathons. After years of playing the role of a photographer and the hot bag-boy for my triathlete friends, I signed up for the process of becoming one-of-them. I have regular training sessions at the Iloilo Sports Complex that start at 5:30 AM. I am amazed at my newfound capacity to defeat a blissful phenomenon called ‘sleep’ without inflicting destruction on my alarm clock. My coach tells me my progress is at a glacial pace (note my ability to sweeten adjectives) and I might just be the fastest thing on the road in the next few months. Coaches.
  • I was traveling extensively to places without internet connection. I was immersing myself in a lot of unseen beauty; and for that to happen, one must disconnect. You should try it. It’s so… Hunger Game-ish.
  • I was involved in a freak car accident. I lost myself in the process of understanding why at that particular time and place, the universe conspired to lead me to a place full of rotten souls (like a police precinct for instance). But looking at the glass half-full, I have proven how great my friends are and how my mom took care of me too (despite being oceans apart). I understood true gratitude — especially for being the one alive instead of being dead. It opened my eyes to appreciating the mysteries of life and accepting the fact that you cannot depend on some people especially if they have been disillusioned by the power of their very temporary political careers (and I thought we were real friends even before all these titles attached before their names even existed). There. God it feels good to actually say these things albeit their namelessness.
  • I got hooked on The Voice of the Philippines, Game of Thrones, and My Husband’s Lover. (Blogs will be published soon to justify my choices, and to encourage you to join me in this movement as well).

As they always say, what does not kill us only makes us stronger. So I guess I’m a bit of a Thor with all these crazy stuff going on for the past few months. I don’t want to think that I’ve had it all bad, because I know I haven’t. I’m still blessed and I’m still healthy and yes, fabulous. I made up my mind to go back to blogging and come up with more interesting entries that will cater to my avid readers — my fellow Ilonggos and everyone else around the world. Of course, I won’t forget to continue ranting from time to time.

See you all more often and I hope you let us know what else you want to read at about Iloilo and Ilonggos in general.

That's my coach on the left (Tata Delicana) and our TRX buddy Jun Ramirez.

That’s my coach on the left (Tata Delicana) and our TRX buddy Jun Ramirez.

That's me and my attempt at growing my hair and my beard. On the board is my attempt at math. Yeah right.

That’s me and my attempt at growing my hair and my beard. On the board is my attempt at math. Yeah right.


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  1. pauline bababnush

    I miss reading your blogs Bob. It has been a habit of mine to check your blogs. Glad you are soooo back.

  2. Yaaaay! Welcome back Sir Bob! You’ve been missed in the blogosphere!

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