Bobby goes to Malalag, Davao del Sur

Mar 27, 2012 by

I wrote in my facebook status before I left Iloilo that this will be the beginning of my gypsy weeks (two weeks, to be exact). So excitedly, I headed for Davao City together with Kevin and Rupert for a documentary shoot. The location is actually 2 hours south of Davao City proper, in a quiet and relatively serene town of Malalag. Kevin directs the shoot, Rupert handles the cinematography while I assist on all the rest of the things, including carrying the tripod around and commenting on every single detail being discussed like a true-blue usisero.

We were hosted by Tita Pat Lanzar-Labad. Together with his sons Paul and Bong, we were introduced to their way of life here in Malalag. Our task was to document all of these in the most visual way possible for the 80th birthday celebration of Tita Pat. While I am tempted to go into the detail of the grandeur of things from this side of the world, I have to keep it under wraps as I am under contract of confidentiality. So for all its worth, allow me to say that this experience here in Malalag, I have realized a few wonderful things about living a life that doesn’t have to be as glittery as I thought it should be. And how beautiful that kind of life is if only we can embrace the solace it presents.

I will write a more detailed blog about this trip when we get back to Davao City tomorrow, when we have finished all that we need to do here. Can’t wait.

So you'll know where Malalag is.

The beautiful views of the fish ponds here in Lanzar-Labad Estates.

Here in this photo with Tita Pat, Kevin and Rupert.

Documenting the fascinating process of harvesting the milkfish fingerlings.

Going up the lighthouse overlooking the Malalag Wharf and the docked cargo ships.

Overlooking some of the farm produce of Lanzar-Labad Estates.

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