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In celebration of Oktoberfest, which is a 16–18 day beer festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, we in, in cooperation with the Rooftop Brewery, is putting up our own way of involving our readers to explore the happy world of beers. At least once in our lives, we have probably been photographed in our most dreadful state after glugging up rounds and rounds of beers for one reason or another. It is dreadful because look at that, the scandal of being so wasted. At least that’s what you think. But taken lightly, these moments are proof of the kind of fun we all get when we allow ourselves to be possessed by the evil spirits of wheat and brewers.

So now is your chance to dig through your files from years back (or for some, just a few hours ago) and join and Rooftop Brewery’s  Best Beer Moment Photo Contest.

Here’s how:

  1. This photo competition is open to all readers 18 years old and above.
  2. . To qualify, the photo should contain the following elements:
    1. The sender of the photo being IN the photograph
    2. The presence of a beer/beer mug with beer/beer glass or goblet with beer in the photo
    3. The photo should be unique and interesting
    4. The photo should have a witty caption
  3. One photo per contestant only
  4. Deadline of submission is on October 26th.
  5. Two (2) winners will be announced on the October 27th.
  6. Photos submitted will be published on with permission from the sender/owner of the photo
  7. The winning photo senders will get two buckets of subzero beers (each) and a bonus of one imported beer, Guinness for each winner as well. The winners can claim and consume his/her beers at Rooftop Brewery at Smallville Complex soon after the result is announced
  8. Submit your photo in jpeg format through
  9. Please provide your name, age, and contact details upon submission of your photo

So send your entry as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Winning this competition does not make you the official drunkard of the world. You’re just one heck of a good photo subject when under the influence of beers. Ask your mom. They’ve had their share.

Here are some examples of winning photos (these people are exempted from joining the competition, don’t worry):


Dance like no one is watching.




Drink like there's no tomorrow.




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