Beastly and Beauty equals Cheesy

Apr 28, 2011 by

I have this habit of going inside the movie house to sleep. I find it comforting to hear cinematic dialogues and ear-whacking sound effects the lullaby me to sleep. I have done this so many times and today, since the heat of the burning earth breached the mall, I was back to my old routine. Get a movie ticket and sleep.

The movie I chose was BEASTLY.

I was made aware about its plot being a modern spin off of the classic Beauty and the Beast and so I was curious. And that curiosity kind of awakened me all the more instead of putting me to slumberland. We all know the plot so well there’s really nothing to be shocked about as to the progress of the revelations. What I was really after is to find out this: How will this movie approximate yet differentiate?

Alex Pettyfer reminds me so much of Ryan Philippe, physically. His acting in this movie does not differ much from his previous over-hyped film I Am Number Four. I was expecting for a meaner, more ‘beastly’ approach to the character but what came out was a whining brat whose vanity was not enough to be hated moreso be feared.

Vanessa Hudgens look great on the big screen but she’s a complete wimp when it comes to acting. Her bangs were also too distracting.

Mary-Kate Olsen plays herself. She is the moral-gatekeeper who practices witchcraft and vodoo stuff with really bad make up.

Neil Patrick Harris and Lisa Gay Hamilton (they play the equivalent of Cogsworth and Lumiere respectively, sans gender) are truly a delight in the movie. They delivered their lines so effortlessly and their comedic timing is just perfect.

The movie is not a dark, pseudo-Twilight feel as what most people might expect. In fact, it’s mostly comedic. I like the following things though:

Before: Beast gives Belle a Library as a gift Now: Beast becomes a carpenter and builds the Hudgens girl a greenhouse full of roses

Before: Belle is served food so lavishly which she refused to eat Now: Beast buys the Hudgens girl an LV, Bvlgari earrings, and highly poetic letters which she find repulsive and insulting but later on accepts a dozen boxes of some stupid candy.

Before: The Beast awaited for Belle to come to his castle for years Now: The Beast went looking for the Hudgens girl and begged her father to send the Hudgens girl to his home or the Beast would send the police a video of him killing someone. Duh.

If you don’t have anything to do and you wanna stay somewhere cold, Beastly can serve for a good excuse. But really, I kind of enjoyed the movie myself.

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  1. mabeck

    indi na ko mag lantaw k basi ma ugtas lang ko.

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