BAYHON (a noun in Hiligaynon meaning “form”)

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BAYHON (a noun in Hiligaynon meaning “form”)

Bag-o nga dagway sang mga daan nga sugilanon (Giving new form to stories of old)

a series of six short films on West Visayan Folktales written and Directed by faculty members of The Division of Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Visayas Miagao campus

Type of Material:   short films in DVD format

Total Length:          1 hour 45 mins

1. Hunahuna ni Juan (Prof. Mary Babbeth F. Vargas)

A little boy tells a friend about an aswang that prowls their neighborhood. Children tend to mix up fantasy with reality but can adults surely tell every Juan there is no aswang?

2. Ang Abo sa Kulon (Prof. Emmeline Cabalum & Prof. May Belle Guillergan)

Inspired by a true story of a battle between the babaylan and a mambabarang, this magical tale tells of a love that reaches out from beyond the grave. Who shall come out victorious?

3. Bugasan ni Andrea (Prof. Vicente “Vinnie” Tan)

A kama-kama constantly fills a widow’s rice container in the hope of winning her love. Will she accept or reject him?

4. Sinda (Prof. Robert “Bobby” Rodriguez) <– this is me. duh.

An enchanted prince lures Celia away from Armando. Will Armando be able to save her from being held captive forever in the world of tamawos?

5. Dayo (Prof. Kevin Pison Piamonte)

Two friends go on vacation to an island that is rumored to be enchanted.   What if the rumor proves to be true?  Can we still say that folk tales are just the creation of our imagination?

6. Si Magz, si Maki, kag si Moy (Prof. Jonathan Jurilla)

A fisherboy discovers a fairy princess. He promptly falls in love and is awed by her powerful wings at the same time. Will he choose power over love?

BAYHON poster -- for info, please leave a comment. Interested parties may sponsor screenings.

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