Bayhon Short Film Series: HUNA-HUNA NI JUAN

Jul 28, 2011 by

BAYHON: a noun in Hiligaynon meaning “form”

Bag-o nga dagway sang mga daan nga sugilanon. (Giving new form to stories of old.) BAYHON is made up of 6 short films based on folktales culled from the archives of the Center for West Visayan Studies and presented in a combination of genre from horror to love story and from live action to computer animation. This creative work was originally designed to target young audiences but is expected to appeal to all ages.

These films are still currently being toured in schools locally and is officially endorsed by the City Government and the Department of Education.

This blog series is dedicated to publishing some screen shots taken from the films. As one of the filmmakers, it is my hope that there are interested parties out there who are willing to show the films to a particular market (schools, preferably) to expose the younger generation to folktales, superstitious beliefs and stories that have helped hone our imaginations through the years.

Huna-Huna Ni Juan

A film by Prof. Mary Babbeth Fuentes-Vargas

A little boy tells a friend about an aswang that prowls their neighborhood. Children tend to mix up fantasy with reality but can adults surely tell every Juan there is no aswang?

I played the role of the son who refuses her mother's wish to pass on her powers as an aswang. He seeks salvation in the church.

Alice Ferrer played the role of the aswang.

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