Bye Bye Bad Mood

May 12, 2011 by

My blood shot out of my nose and stained all the glistening white stuff at iStore in SM City Bacolod.

Me: Miss, ano ni ang function sang AV Adapter for iPad? (“Miss, what does this AV Adapter for iPad do?”)

Miss: (Stares at me for 5 seconds, then stares at the item, then says…) Dali lang sir ha. (“For a while”)

Me: (Patiently but with growing annoyance) Para ni siya sa LCD projector? (“Is this for LCD projector?”)

Miss: (Is listening to another sales girl speaking to two customers, then looks at me with an expression that tells me I am dumb) Dali lang sir ha. (Sir, please wait)

Me: (Voice is getting a bit louder) Tagpila ni, Miss? (How much is this?)

Miss: (Did not reply anymore)

Me: (Bye bye good mood) Ngaa gina-pahulat mo ko kay kahapos sang pamangkot ko? Unles you don’t know what this is for, just tell me so I can move on with my life. Ano klase iStore kamo man? Indi nyo memorize inyo produkto?! (“Why are you making me wait? What kind of iStore is this? You cannot memorize your products?)

And I continued.

It’s ok to make me wait, but you should at least show concern and not behave as if I am bothering you! You don’t even look at me while I am talking to you!

By this time, everyone stopped doing what they were doing and looked at me with horror. I was in my element. The manager tried to approach me. I stormed out of the store, took out my iPhone and took a photo of the shop.

Getting out of the mall to head for dinner, I was greeted by one of the magical sights that made me forget about my bad mood.

Rainbows remind me that the world is a really beautiful place and that there is God. This is a magical sight that eased my burning ears after what happened at iStore.

Then I had Korean dinner at Mayfair Bldg (Lacson Street), JueOn. Bye bye Bad Mood.

fixing my samgyupsal -- here you can see remnants of my bad mood as per face value.

All these events happened after watching Priest, starring Paul Bettany (Da Vinci Code as Silas; here he looks EXACTLY like Silas I thought Tom Hanks is popping out anytime), Karl Urban (of Lord of the Rings), Cam Gigandet (of Twilight series as the blonde hung bad guy), Stephen Moyer (of True Blood). I think the casting director required the actors to have at least had previous roles as the fanged or got fanged. Interesting.

The movie is fun. The action element is artsy. The suspense is good, though a bit predictable. There’s not much acting, really, since the story required the actors to behave stoically. But for sure this movie will have a sequel. Oh well. Go watch if you like vampire slaughter and silver stuff and sun stuff and contact lenses stuff.

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  1. TJ

    Sir Bob, The moronic replies seem to be consistent. I went to the iStore in SM City Iloilo and asked about the maximum RAM on the iMac and the sales lady replied, “dali lang gid ma’am”. When she got back to me she answered “500”. I was like “WTF?!” (in my head), to verify, I asked again, “RAM?” she answered back “500”. I asked again and still “500”. I mean come on, RAM?! 500?! I don’t know if I should be angry or if I should pity them and their customers if the answers are that dull.

    • admin

      I know how you feel. We have to think of ways how to combat that attitude. Ugtas mode ka man ay?

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