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As most of you probably know, I am one of the teachers for SIKAT ACADEMY — the biggest and brightest 4-in-one Summer Workshop for kids 6 and up. This year, SIKAT ACADEMY has expanded to Bacolod City, conquering the beautiful city of smiles. What most of you probably don’t know is that I am really from Bacolod City. My dad hailed from a town called Pulupandan and I spent a few of my elementary years there until we moved to Iloilo. So Bacolod City is really partly my home too.

The Opening Salvo of Sikat Academy Bacolod at Robinsons Place Bacolod was a huge success. Look at the parents/guardians!

This weekend, I — along with some of the Sikat Academy team members, went to Bacolod for the workshop’s opening salvo at Robinsons Place Bacolod. After the successful event, our friends, Rainier and Karen Gerochi, along with their beautiful daughter Nikki, went driving around the city not really for the sights but more for the food. But first, my newfound quaint sanctuary called The Suites at Calle Nueva. They have the best pillows, a rustic feel of being in the middle of nowhere at a very friendly price.


Crappy shot but the room is really sweet and cozy

I love the hallway of The Suites at Calle Nueva.

We also pigged out at the famous Tikboy Pork barbeque. It’s novelty comes from the signature sweetened taste of the pork bbq in a stick and complimented by a one-of-a-kind grilled pan de siosa (also known as train bread). It was the best treat for the weekend. You guys should try it. Tikboy Pork is located near La Consolacion College — practically every one in Bacolod knows where it is, so there’s no way you would not find it.

One of life's best experiences.

As a way of buying time before dinner, we checked out Palmas del Mar (located at Airport Subdivision). I have heard of the place — in fact, I have been there once, only that I forgot what the occasion was and when it was. It’s a nice resort and activity center with pools and rooms for rent.

Palmas del Mar fishing pond

Sunday is family day -- and swimming is the best way to beat the summer heat

Some of the rooms at Palmas del Mar

After the walk at the resort, we had dinner at Aidas Manokan (the best Chicken barbeque in the world). There’s no need to gush about it because the name itself is already capable of making anyone who has been to Bacolod drool. For dessert, we checked out Felicias.

It was a short but sweet Bacolod chill-out session mostly spent on eating and catching up with great friends. Before this month ends, I will sure be back to the sweetest city in the Philippines — Bacolod.

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  1. FG

    you made me crave for tikboy’s! il surely get some when I go home this week :)

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