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Jun 24, 2012 by

I just thought this might be a fun idea. And for it to be fun, it must come from you. Here”s the thing:

If you have a photo taken with your fave celebrity, send “em to us and we”ll have it featured. You can send as many photos as you like as long as you and the celebrity are in the photos. It can be with several other celebrities and we will still feature you. You must be one helluva screaming fan and that”s a good thing!

How do we define celebrities?

1. Anybody who can be recognized by a huge fraction of the population — to the point of being called as… ay si ano, si ano… Sino nga yan?

2. Anybody who has appeared in movies, on TV, on music recordings, in the theater, basketball courts, swimming pools, advertisements, soap boxes, videoke covers, or porn magazines. Anything as long as there a sizable circulation.

3. Anybody who has the power to make girls faint or scream or rip their bras off just to get noticed.

4. Anybody who has been to rehab, or has served jail time, or has been sued or have been fond of suing.

5. Anybody who is half-something.


Dig through your vaults and send us these priceless photos casino online and let the world giggle with you. No man is not a fan. In this lifetime, we have to go fan ourselves at least once, so yeah. Why not.

Email your photos to me at

If our voting readers will like the photo you sent and you get the highest votes, you will receive a nice tumbler from Starbucks courtesy of

To give you an idea, this is how your picture should look like:


Your sample caption could be: "Ryan Gosling, that guy, asked me to have a photo with him."

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