Anne Hathaway drops a few bombs — and I liked it.

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A few blogs and online articles have been published covering all areas mostly focusing on the psycho-dynamics of the stimulus-response showdown exhibited by Anne Hathaway and Philippine Star”s Ricky Lo. I wanted to die when I started playing the interview clip which, oddly, was made available by Philippine Star itself via youtube. I don”t know what they were thinking, but didn”t it occur to them that the whole interview would actually stir some negative repercussions on their very own Ricky Lo? I am so tempted to dissect the whole event, but having come across two blog articles that I feel have intelligently discussed what happened, I am sharing these articles with you. I hope you take time to read them.

Philippine National Cringe: Ricky Lo interviews Anne Hathaway

by benign0

Filipinos yet again are in the throes of a national cringe as a video of supposedly-veteran showbiz journalist Ricky Lo interviewing Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway makes the rounds in cyberspace. The video is a fine specimen of how the underbelly of the Filipino psyche is revealed when back-lit by the glitz of international celebrity.

Some all-too-familiar epic fails are revealed in all of a four-minute video.

Read full article here.

A rather uncomfortable stance for both Anne Hathaway and Ricky Lo.

Ricky Lo and Point-Blank Journalism: It’s More than an Interview

by Joseph Batcagan

For those unable to watch the video, this is an interview consisting of Ricky Lo—a grizzled vet of Philippine showbiz journalism—seemingly grasping at straws to salvage the whole
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interview. When he 766 gewonnen door op de Mega Gold & Green gokkasten te spelen . fired up with the first question of how Anne Hathaway lost weight for the role, she answered “I’d rather not talk about the weight loss.” When asked whether she got any pointers from her mom Kate McCauley—who was one of very first women casted for the role of Fantine, the doomed yet eternally optimistic character from Les Miserables—she answered with a curt “No.” And then came the money question of the interview:

Ricky Lo:
“And for some of you (apparently directed at Anne) perceived to live a life of luxury and privilege, how do you able (sic) to identify with Fantine? Have you ever experienced to be hungry and to be poor and, you know, just like the character?”

Hathaway, after being asked that question, looks like she was shocked at the inanity of it and seemed like she was about to respond with something along the line of “Are you serious, bro?” before being cut-off with the follow-up statement. However, she probably thought the better of it and answered, “That’s a very personal question.”

Read full article here.

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