And There Goes Our Sikat Month

May 7, 2012 by

On the day of the Sikat Academy Grand Finale, moms/dads/titos/titas/lolos/lolas (in other words, the entire household) trooped to Robinsons Iloilo to cheer for their little superstars. It has been a month of super-hyper summer workshops with our kids. 4 weeks of cartooning ourselves as teachers, chasing after running kids, hushing the bawling ones and all sorts of screaming, laughter and loving. It was a wonderful (sometimes tiring) summer and were we lucky to be inside the mall spared from the heat of the wild-warm sun.

This year we catered to at least 250 kids and we hope to accommodate more next summer. Until next Sikat Academy everyone!

Little Girls gone wild. Cuteness overload.

Jack Martin as Michael Jackson.

Eddie Martin as Elvis you-know-who.


The uber cutest Sikat Junior Playshop workshoppers

With Missy Harder as Satine.

JR and our little princess Megan (as Nala in Lion King).

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