And the Querida Acting Award Goes to…

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Anne Curtis. She did a great job portraying her part in No Other Woman and she is looking really beautiful on the big screen (with or without make up). The story wasn’t that bad either. Predictable, yes, but for people who have gone through most of what the plot presented, it was a main dish ready to be served. Think of couples watching the movie and wife would pinch the husband each time there’s a querida (mistress) scene and the wife goes hayan, kita mo na?! Kita mo na?! (Look at that! Look at that!) This one is a good emotional blackmail material. The movie’s pacing is good camp, the musical scoring is one of the most horrible I have seen in years (with Juris singing the theme song, I wanted to strangle her), the production design was carefully put together, the cinematography wasn’t great, the direction was okay (I kept guessing the director had very little to say because look, the big boss is Star Cinema!). Anne Curtis has very good timing and her face on the big screen is an apparition of sorts. She’s like a goddess straight from Troy. Derek Ramsey looked worried about doing all those sleazy stuff because — dyaraan — Angelica Panganiban must be on the set when they were shooting it. But Derek did a great job. I could see he was trying and he was perfect for the role of someone whom an obsessed, usisera rich girl would die for. Christine Reyes is also pretty but her acting is really, really lame. Like she is just pure face and nothing inside her brain. One of those kinds of wives husbands would really be bored with. She was so pale I wished she stayed longer at the beach resort to get a tan. The dialogues are camp, so there’s an overflowing sense of absurdity to the point of comedy. People in the cinema giggled and for me it was good, because the intention works. It is supposed to make fun of the tragedy. A comedy of errors. The confrontation scenes reminded me of the classic Greta Garbo acts where they bother to find a good pose first before saying something. It’s really hilarious but it’s interesting to simulate in real life. Speaking of famous lines in the movie, here they are. it won’t spoil your fun coz you’ve probably seen them on trailers anyway: Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me. – Anne Curtis Bikini mo ba iyan o balat mo? – Cristine Reyes Naku. Huwag na. Baka Makita mo pang nilalagyan ko ng lason ang pagkain mo. Joke lang. Medyo off yung humor ko lately. – Cristine Reyes Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters. – Cristine Reyes You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife. – Anne Curtis And of course, the most famous would be the lines uttered by Carmi Martin, who, by the way, looked extremely scary in the film. She has transferred some of her boob fat to her cheeks and lips. She has morphed into a complete disaster. My God. Look at this:

The ewoks: Carmi Martin and her petrified face. (photo from

I don’t know if I should endorse the movie but since each of us do have a querida-tendency at one point of our life or another, then go ahead and find yourself in the plot. As for me, no comment. hahaha!

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  1. Anonaemous

    “Baka makita mo pang nilalason ko ang pagkain mo… hahaha joke lang!”

    The dialogue was hilarious!!!

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