An Airplane, A Boat and A Taxi

May 10, 2011 by

So I will be in Bacolod for the rest of the week to supervise SIKAT ACADEMY BACOLOD’s Grand Finale. This will be the first time that I’m staying in the city for 7 straight days since… 1993. In the past I would spend the summer months in our quaint little town (which is a long overdue blog, I surmise), so I would need to be preoccupied lest I remain petrified for the rest of the days.

**I have a blind item for you. There’s this one personality in Iloilo who had a near-death experience while on board a flight from Manila to Iloilo. According to the personality, the plane dropped sharply from flight and drove everyone on board crazy. It’s the kind of sensation you get when you expect your gall bladder to shoot out of your nostrils. The shaking and turbulence were so horrible, according to the personality. The calm flight attendants took their seats and fastened their seatbelts — they did not even request for the passengers to calm down or, at least, pray the rosary. Fearing the unknown, the personality thought of taking a few precautions to ensure self-identification. Should the plane plummet to Babuyan Islands (or something): the personality stashed 2 thousand bucks in the undergarment, along with a credit card, and ID card. Fortunately, the plane landed in one piece and while the passengers demanded for some explanation, the pilot of that Air Philippines flight went straight to the lavatory.

**After a few alternating vessels I took for travel to Bacolod, I have come to a conclusion that Weesam is less vomit-inducing in terms of sea cruising. The other one I usually take is Supercat fastcraft and it never fails to wobble like a really huge swing. Read my previous post on Bonamine. My theory on this boat-rocking difference is that Weesam has a single hull — a classic design for boats traced back from the vikings and it’s also much lower. While the Supercat fastcraft has a split hull — a design patterned after yachts and speedboats with lousy buoyancy, but cool for the looks. Sleek but still shaky.

**Taxi cabs in Bacolod need major facelifts. So far, the units I have taken to get myself around are old cab units with slightly rude drivers. The rudeness is observed when I tell them what route to take and they behave with certainty that I am wrong only to realize in the end I was right.

**I have not photos to include in this post so I’m picking one random shot from my hardrive.

Told ya this is random: strangeness of the most familiar. Starbucks. Korea. And to avoid being sued according to April the Korean, here's the site where the photo comes from:

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