All I Want for Christmas

Dec 22, 2011 by

My friends happen to be so religious when it comes to gift-giving that when they run out of gift ideas they resign to confrontation: Bob, just tell me what you really want for Christmas. While I like the idea of getting exactly what I want, it takes away the mistletoe syndrome of gift-giving. The suspense. The thrill. And the possibility of being utterly disappointed. WHAT?! A HANKY?! Have you been staying in a cave for eons?!

So just for the benefit of your convenience, I am making public what I want for Christmas. And trust me, they aren’t as expensive as you think they are. I can be quite practical, you know.

1. Books or anything print. I can settle happily with a back issue of Garage or NY Times. These are precious things for me and if you have seen my library, they’re probably too fire-prone due to all the print stuff I refuse to throw. My friend Medard sent me playbills from NY and a Van Gogh 2012 Calendar from Guggenheim Museum. I love it, Dard! My friend Vince gave me a 2010 Garage Magazine with Piolo Pascual’s signature on it. Kathy gave me Life of Pi and I am halfway through it. Cristabel gave me Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata by the hilariously smart Ricky Lee (and I have yet to get it from Moniq’s car).

The Guggenheim goodies from Medard! Yay!

2. Belts. I have quite an obsession for belts & I need a number of them because I always snap them. Weird. Or the holes get wracked. Or the leather gets all moldy. I am not expecting Hermes or Prada belts. The brand you decide to get me will speak highly of you, so just be yourself. Ha-ha!!

This belt here or something like it. LOL!!!

3. Post-its. I am crazy about post-its!!! Last year my friend Jet and Marby gave me an entire block of Van Gogh post it and it was one of the best gifts ever. (I don’t know if you noticed but most of my friends give me something that has to do with Van Gogh — my gelaskin for iPhone from Wil, the goodies from Medard and last year’s post it from Jet…. hmmm…. I hope it’s about my being an artist and not about the suicide part. LOL!)

Oh so it's an Artist's Block.

4. Lighters. I am not a smoker (I mean I smoke when I’m absolutely wasted and it’s not even because I am craving for it. It’s more like for props purposes). But I like collecting nice lighters. The Marlboro girls always get me.

I want more. Not the cigarettes.

5. Original DVDs. Though I fear you might be giving me something I already have. The thing with having a direct line with Astroplus is that I get notified even before the new arrivals come. Oh well.

6. Ballpoints. I love ballpoints. I do. But I want them nice and sleek. So you probably know what I mean.

So far these are the things that you guys can manage to give me for Christmas. Of course, if you think you have better ideas that would me jump up and down for days and will make me blog about you for decades, then go ahead and give it a try. Beggars cannot be choosers (me)! hahaha!

Have yourselves a Merry Christmas everyone! Myiloilo will still be online even during the holidays, though not as toxic as it usually is.


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