Actually, no one cares.

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It’s funny how we sometimes behave

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so over-consciously that we think strangers actually analyze our every move. I guess we’re all guilty of that from time to time. Here’s an interesting list of things that shouldn’t really bother you when you self-stumble unknowingly.

23 Things No One Cares About But You

By GABY DUNN on OCT. 18, 2012
1. Thinking that the people watching you cross the street from inside their cars are judging your face, clothing or the way you walk
2. Worrying what people think of your Facebook cover photo
3. Thinking you’re causing sidewalk congestion by moving to the side to check your phone even though you’re not sure what else to do
4. Shame that you messed up the dinner you made for yourself last night, meaning you’re not ready to be an adult
5. Worrying people are wondering what’s up when you change seats on the subway, or think you’re a snob or a jerk or judging them
6. Thinking people are still not sure about you after a stupid joke you made a zillion years ago
7. Accidentally making eye contact with a stranger more than once, meaning you’re a creep Read more at

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